When the end has come for your marriage

Child Custody Issues That May Need the Help of a Family Lawyer

When you are divorced or are about to get a divorce, it's usually good to have a solicitor write up all the details of your child custody arrangements. This will ensure the rights of both parents are protected and that there are no misunderstandings when it comes to all the issues related to custody, visitation, support, and the like. Note a few custody issues that should especially be handled by a family lawyer and why it's important to ensure their services are involved in these cases.

Missing children

If a parent refuses to produce a child when the other parent has visitation rights, and does not reveal the location of the child, the child can be considered legally missing, and a lawyer should be notified. They can assist with creating a missing child's report and with getting the police involved in finding the child; the lawyer can also advise if a custody order should then be modified to ensure that the kidnapping parent does not have the opportunity to repeat this action. This might mean supervised visitations only, or it may mean terminating their parental rights altogether. Only an attorney can advise on your rights in this type of case, so be sure to consult with them if this should happen to you.

Family violence

If you believe your child to be the victim of violence or abuse at the hands of another parent, or anyone in that parent's life, it's good to call an attorney as soon as possible. They can advise on legal ways of recording any proof of that abuse and may also advise on your responsibility to file a police report, as well as recommendations for having your child examined by medical professionals, including a psychologist or counsellor. It's usually best to get this legal advice before denying the other parent access to the child, as you don't want to be accused of custodial interference.

Financial support

If you have a financial support arrangement in place, don't assume that it's somehow written in stone, so to speak. A child's medical needs may change, or your own financial situation may have also changed. Whatever the case, even if you and the other parent verbally agree on new financial support amounts and arrangements, you want an attorney to put that agreement in writing and have it properly filed with the court. This will ensure there are no questions about the support and no accusations of failure to follow any current court ruling.